Work Commences

I started working on he Nuts Planet 101 Airborne half figure.  Cleanup is nearly done.  One tricky part is attaching the sling to the M1 Garand rifle. The rifle and M1907 sling are resin.  In my experience, these parts break off easily.
I decided to replace the swivels with copper wire and brass tubing.  The wire is supplied in the kit.  It is meant to be used for the equipment hangers on the utility belt.
I cut off the kit swivels on the rifle and rings on the sling.  I cut the rings off the ends of the sling- both the short and long sections.  I then cut two pieces of 0.7mm brass tube to a length just smaller than the sling.  I glued the brass tube on the rifle.  Then it was a case of bending the brass wire to shape and putting all the parts back together.


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