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Another Young Bust

Here is the Young Miniatures 1/10th scale Feldgendarmerie Bust. It is painted in acrylics and has a nice cocobolo base. This is a sweet kit. Fun to paint.

Chicago Report

As I have attended several shows in California, this was the first big adventure for me. Traveling by air is not my favorite thing to do. It’s boring and cramped (I’m a tall dude)- you can't move, fart or sneeze... well, maybe you can- I might get seat choice then. Right off the bat, the plane leaving San Diego the engines would not start....not a good sign... I told Douggie this and he asked what airline I flew...he looked at me cross eyed... So I guess they fixed it in a jiffy (miracle) and off we went. I guess I didn't fly the right one. I watched the engines the whole way.... I’ll drive thank you. Carrying the figures is a challenge too. No sweat in San Diego, but at O’Hare on the way home, TSA took waaaaaay too long to figure out what was in the box (it was in the xray machine 5 minutes!- no shit). The young TSA officer opened it finally and was really amazed by the contents. – Sorry to the 300+ people behind me in line. I did a miniature 101 sem…
Here is the latest issue of MMI, I did an article about a panther tank crossing some railroad tracks. The figure on the upper right of the cover is part of that.....