Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Little Update

Just a quick update on the Max Wunsche Panther Commander figure.  I strated adding the "yellow" spots, which in reality they are a yellow ochre color.  Shown is the first coat.  I need to add another coat, then shade and highlight.   

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Panther Commander Camo....

Started work on the camo for the tunic.  Italian camo...  
Here is a pic of a Zeltbahn in my collection for reference.
Here is the work so far....

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Face Painting

Today I worked on the face of the Max Wunsch project.  I used acrylics, as usual.  This time I tried a technique of blocking in the colors then blending the transitions.  Usually I would paint the face all one base color (Sand Brown) then add highlights and shadows.  This was about twice as fast to paint and I think gives better results so far.

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Project

Since I have temporary dispensation to work in the air conditioned house, I have been on a roll.  I have started building the Young Miniatures (surprise) "Max Wunsche"  Panther commander kit.   I have been toiling away on the cupola portion. 

The cupola has two major parts- the inner part that forms the base and the outer part that ends up as the outside of the cupola.  You fit the periscopes, then glue the outer to the inner.
I decided to mount the periscopes then paint the interior the standard "buff" color.  To keep everything square I used some temporary brass pins to hold it together.  I also ditched the resin portion of the hatch that acts as the hinge rod.  I replaced it with aluminum rod for durability and added a matching sleeve in the cupola.  The pain the back was fitting the MG ring.  Heat is your friend here.  I spent a lot of time lining things up- figuring how to mount all this to a wood base and pinning the figure to fit nicely so it doesn't pop out of the turret. 

Crap, this is a lot of stuff to write about this.  Most I've written in a while.  Here are a couple of photos.


War Daddy

Here is Life Miniatures "War Daddy" 1/16 scale figure.   Enjoy!