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German Trench Raider WW1

Here is Young Miniatures WW1 Trench Raider dude.  I used Vallejo and Jo Sonja acrylics.  I kept the helmet plain, as a lot of modelers have painted with the cammo pattern.  But after reading several books, it seems the plain helmet was more common.  I dirtied it up with assorted pigments and gel mediums.

B17 Crewman, 351 Bomb Group 1944


First One of 2017!

Here is a little vignette of two 101st  Airborne troopers getting ready to load up on D Day.  1/35 scale, Minisoldiers brand.  Resin, painted with acrylics and oils.  Not used to something so small!

Last One for 2016!

The Russians are Coming!!

This is a United Empire bust of a Caucasian Cossack, 1862.  It only has three pieces, so it was sort of easy to do.