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Young Miniatures B17 Waist Gunner

Well, here is my first work after about 8mos off- many issues going on, but I had time to take a picture or two. This is Young Miniatures B17 Waist gunner. What a fantastic piece! Highly recommended. excellent sculpting and fit. I painted it with Vallejo acrylics. Enjoy.
Well, I am going to start (or finish) new project. This is something that I have not done in a while- 1/35 scale armor! I usually prefer larger scale stuff, but with the selection of kits and figures (and ideas) It's hard to pass up. I had started the Dragon M4a1 76 w (whew-whatever that means) and put it aside. The model itself is about 30% done right now. The instructions really suck, but using some reference and on-line pics I am making my way thru the build.

I started by sketching some ideas on paper. Originally I wanted to use a M5 Stuart, but I saw some Sherman builds and changed my mind. The basic concept is that the tank and infantry are moving along a road in France and ran into some land mines. A couple of ground pounders are probing for mines while everyone cools their heels waiting for a mine detector team to come up.

In addition to the tank, I have the crew, and six or seven infantry. I am converting Dragon figures as well as throwing in a couple of commerci…