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Chosin Part 2

I was not happy with my finish on the Chosin Marine.  So I worked on the finish, and removed the frost from the beard and 'stash.  Here are the pictures:


Here is a little project I have been working on.  It's Young Miniatures USMC Chosin Reservoir bust. 


Enough is enough....  I hope none of you have experienced this.  I did some work for this well known company and never received compensation.....  So they go on the deadbeat list.  So, be wise where you spend your money....

Military Miniatures In Review  (MMIR) Who is backed by Hobby Link Japan

Just a Small Preview

I have been working away on a new project.  Just a sneek peek  here.

Magazine Cover

Here is the cover of MMI with my USMC bust on the front.  It's Issue 86