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Almost finished with the Life Miniatures RAF Bust....  Only a couple of items left-  lettering on the parachute quick release and a spray of dullcote.

On Final Approach

Life Miniatures Battle Of Britain Bust

Working away....  I finished the face/head and added the headset wires...   The torso is just about done.... sorting out the quick release lettering......

More on the RAF

Quick update on the Life Miniatures RAF pilot-

Battle of Britain Update

Here is some more work on the Life Miniatures Battle of Britain bust.  I've done the eyes, and most of the face.  I added the earphone sections of the flight helmet and started painting leather-  which one of my favorite materials to paint.  It's a bit sloppy, but it will improve....I pre-shaded the torso before I lay in color......


Here is the latest work-  Life Miniatures Battle Of Britain Pilot.

Nice kit- very dynamic subject.   I started with the dog-  a Cocker Spaniel.  Fun to paint.  A little more work on the face and eyes.