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Life Miniatures, Stalingrad 1942

Here is a quick shot of my latest project-  Life Miniatures Stalingrad 1942.  I have been working on the face and have scratch-built the glasses.  The kit's glasses seemed too heavy for my taste.  I have made lenses for these out of .10" plastic, but the figure looks better without the lenses.  From normal viewing distance you can't tell if there is lenses in the frames or not.


Just arrived home from the MMSI Chicago Show.   It was a great time. The organizers put on a great show- my hat's off to them. Thanks to everyone that attended my seminar,  I hope I was able to explain my techniques effectively.     I received a Gold medal for the British bust (Somme 1916).  Below is a picture of my display:

Some pieces that caught my eye:

To see all the photos go here:

Another Magazine Cover

November 2013 MMI

USAAF Tuskegee Airman 332 Fighter Group Thunderbird Miniatures

Here is the completed Tuskegee Airman.  100mm  sculpted by Mike Good.

USAAF Pilot, Thunderbird Miniatures 100mm

Here is the completed version of the Thunderbird Miniatures USAAF pilot. Sculpted by Mike Good