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Now I can Hear You

I added the headphones, and wires.... I substituted very fine solder instead of the kit copper wire.  

Then the rest of the headset...................

Then started on the mapcase................

Head and Hat

I added the hat to the Panther Commanders bare head.  I also did some more paintwork....  When I was in Atlanta last week, I was talking with Marion and Alan Ball.  Marion told me she uses thin washes of oil colors to accentuate the tones on a figure- and help the mid tones.  I always thought her work was pure acrylics..  So I gave it a go.  I really like the results.  As usual, the photos don't do it justice.

Remember This Guy?

Well, with the other projects done, I'm back with the Max Wunsche Tanker.  Just a little progress on the cap and torso.....

1st Virginia Finished

Here is the Carl Reid figure all finished