New Lighting Set Up

I take a LOT of pictures of figures......  I have been using two old- I mean really old constant lights- Victor 8" photoflood with CFL bulbs. These are attached to some really janky light stands.   Although it works, it has limits on controlling the light and the amount of light.  So I just switched to using two strobes (Canon Speed light and a Vivitar 383).  I have them set up with a small softbox and diffuser- plus new light stands.
Although there is a learning curve for flash- its pretty simple.  Set everything to Manual and fire away.  Of course there is more to it.  I have manual flash triggers attached to the strobes and to my Canon 60d.   So far I like the control and the nice color  (white) balance.  So here are a couple of test shots.  Actually Josey Wales is shot with this set up too.


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