An Interlude..........

While waiting for pieces and parts to dry and whatnot, I picked up a bunch of Jo Sonja tube acrylics.  I have been wanting to experiment with them ---- based on other artists use.  So I started by painting the face on this bust.  It's Walter Von Geroldseck, the Bishop of Strasbourg, 1262.  It's a 1/10 scale piece made by a Russian chap.  So, the face started with the painting of the eyes, then the flesh.  I used Vallejo's for the eyes.  The face is about 90% complete- some areas still to work on.  But it's about 99% painted with Jo Sonja.  Since this acrylic is  like artists oils, I used the standard flesh mixes you would use for oils.  I think this stuff is great- its easy to blend and more fluid than Vallejo.   As I progress, I will fine tune my technique. 


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