British Infantry Somme 1916

Off to start another Young Bust.  This is the British Infantry Somme 1916. Started with cleanup and prime, then the eyes.................. A brief SBS on that:

Base coat the eyes with a mix of Light Flesh, Basic Skintone, and Brown Sand.  Edges of the lids lined with Burnt Cad. Red, Old Rose, and Violet - added the deep shadows around the eyes.

 The black cornea are laid in
 Then Field Blue with a Little Andrea Blue are laid in for the blue eyes
 The basic colors are applied, adding more shadows and highlights as we go
Brown Sand- Burnt Cad Red and Burnt Umber.....some places I add Black Red and Black. highlights consist of base flesh color + Basic Skintone and Sunny Skintone.

 More.......  I add more Burnt Cad Red and Violet

 Painted the basic chinstrap.....


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