Finally ! An Update

Holiday Greetings Everyone

I have been busy- doing all sorts of things, including painting.  I was finishing up some "top secret" stuff- I will post pictures on Christmas.  I have several things going on at once.  Below is Young Miniatures USMC Radioman- Vietnam.    I am doing this for a friend.   Some in Progress shots, nothing spectacular.    I developed a chipping technique for metal- I have used it for years.  The metal item is undercoated in any shade of metal you like.  Then liquid masking fluid (essentially liquid latex) is applied where you want chipping.  Then the color is sprayed.  Using your fingernail or a toothpick, you scrape the masking away.  You can paint he object in layers to show different chipped layers of paint.

Here are some pictures of the bust and helmet- in progress of course.  I pre-shade with darker colors of the final color.



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