The Helmet Cover........

I had a lot of discussion on Missing Links about the helmet cover on this dude. So I cropped a shot and added it in. The technique is as follows:

The helmet cover was painted with Vallejo acrylics. The colors were kept very thin- watery. I add a drop of Tamiya Flat Base to the mix. I used lighter shades to highlight, and added black and Windsor Newton Sepia water color-(in a small tube) for shadows. I dry brushed the cover once I finished the camo with a slightly lighter base color. Then I used German Camo Beige and painted very fine/ faint lines to simulate the fabric texture. I used photos of a real cover as I went to have a reference. I dusted the very top of the cover with a small amount of MIG European dust pigment- just enough to simulate if the soldier set his helmet down while in the field. Its easy to make the colors too bright by using too much paint. Easier to add than take away--


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