New Year- New figure

Here is a Jeff Shiu Miniatures Waffen SS Gunner. I had this primed and ready early last year, but due to a multitude of stuff going on- family, health, work, etc., never finished it. It is a really nice figure. I spent the past three weeks finishing it up. It is painted using Vallejo and some oils- mostly for the wood finish on the mg 34 and shovel handle. I really liked the way it painted up. I think I may order another figure from Jeff in Hong Kong.

I have to prioritize my work- I still have to finish a Brit Para (sorry Ian), so I think I'll bang that one out next- it's about 60% done.
I have found that building for magazines is a pain in the backside- nice to have hobby money, but it can lead to loosing interest in the hobby. I think I may hang that part up for a while- after I clear out the current commitments. Anyway, enjoy the pictures.


Prosperity said…
Great work, Armis would like you to do a full Armis game set, reply at with your price quote.

Here is some info on Armis:

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