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This is "On a Wing and a Prayer at the Edge of No Man's Land"

I was inspired to do this piece after looking at James Dietz's "Mud in your Eye" painting of a crashed Sopwith Camel in a trench.

I like airplane models, but one posed on a flat base without a figure is boring and lifeless. Fortunately the Hobbycraft kit (1/32 scale) is a good one, and I modified the Pegaso Frank Luke figure to work in the scene. This was a real fun project. I have not built a airplane model in about 20 years, so that was a switch.

The figure was painted with oils for the flesh, and acrylics for everything else. The base was scratchbuilt- along with the dead German. I used an Airfix multipose figure as a starting point. Roger Claeps was kind enough to give me a few WW1 parts from his stash. The sandbags were just A&B rolled out and formed into bags.



Dani Serrano said…
I love this scene!! Great!

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